Disability Equality Training

Ortegalink Ltd provides disability equality training for small, medium and major stock exchange-listed companies, in particular leading airlines and transport providers.

What is Disability Equality Training?

Disability Equality Training enables your staff to change their perspective on disability and service. Our training is based on the social model of disability. Disabled people are being disabled by barriers and attitudes in society, not by their impairments. Our training challenges attitudes like pity and patronisation. We highlight the role of your staff play in removing barriers and improving the service for disabled people.

Why is Disability Equality Training important?

Disability Equality Training is vital making your services more accessible and inclusive for disabled customers. As a frequent traveller and public transport user, Christiane Link is an expert in accessible travelling. She can train your staff to be able to offer customer service for disabled people which makes a difference. Our training helps you to comply with EU regulation 1107/2006 or Equality Act 2010.

Why choose us?

Ortegalink Ltd has more than ten years experience in training flight attendants, airport and service staff. All our training can be provided in English or German. The training is delivered by a trainer who has been disabled since childhood, has visited more than 100 airports around the world, travelled to every continent, holds two passports and is an experienced traveller and public transport user in a wheelchair. She is well connected with the diverse community of disabled people worldwide.

Accessibility consultancy

Ortegalink Ltd delivers exceptionally broad and deep expertise on the full spectrum of accessibility, based on an impressive knowledge and very personal experience from our consultants. Our consultants identify barriers and develop ideas how to remove them. 

We develop practical and efficient solutions and discuss adjustments you can make to meet the requirements of your disabled customers. This is never a box-ticking exercise but a made-to-measure solution for your organisation considering the particular circumstances your organisation is facing.

We can also review your policies and procedures to ensure you are meeting certain industry standards and laws. The EU regulation 1107/2006 and the Equality Act 2010 are our everyday companions.

Our solutions are creative and achieved with low cost but make a big difference to you and your customers. We can also advise you when it comes to new equipment and its accessibility to your customers.