About Ortegalink Ltd

Ortegalink Ltd is an accessibility consultancy with more than ten years of experience in the UK and in other European countries. We help the aviation, tourism and transport industry to improve services for disabled customers and meet legal obligations when it comes to regulations like EU Regulation 1107/2006, the Equality Act2010 and other national regulations. We love to help make businesses more accessible for their disabled customers.

We offer training solutions for airlines and airports and support them to improve air travel experiences for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Our training and consultancy services help our clients to understand what accessibility in their industry means in practice. We don’t believe in box-ticking exercises but practical solutions which really work, for the organisation and for the disabled customer.

Ortegalink Ltd delivers these services to enterprises of all sizes from small businesses to stock exchange-listed companies, including leading airlines, airports and transport providers.

We strongly believe in the social model of disability. We believe in equality and diversity when it comes to customer service in the aviation and transport industry.

All services can be delivered in English and German. Our clients are based in the UK and in other European countries.

Director and founder Christiane Link

Christiane LinkChristiane is a journalist, consultant and founder of Ortegalink Ltd. She loves flying and is passionate about access to airports, planes and public transport for all, and believes everyone should be able to travel the world. In accordance with this belief, she has developed disability equality training as well as accessibility consulting for leading airlines and airports around Europe.

As a frequent traveller and wheelchair user, she is an expert in accessible travelling. She is a member of the Access to Air Travel Advisory Group of the Civil Aviation Authority and a member of Heathrow’s Access Advisory Group. She was also a member of the Disability Community Engagement Team which helped to make the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 the most inclusive games ever.

As a journalist, she has covered events around the world. She worked for the German Press Agency (dpa) and the BBC before founding Ortegalink Ltd.

She writes for German media outlets like ZEIT Online and the news agency epd, magazines and newspapers. You can find a selection of her work here. She has been invited to speak at a number of events in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Christiane has a Master’s degree equivalent in Political Science (Dipl. Pol.) from the University of Hamburg in Germany. She believes in continuous development and has therefore completed further courses like “Train the trainer” and “enhanced peer counselling of disabled people”, leadership and change management.

Christiane lives in the UK since 2006 and has dual citizenship. In 2017 she founded a disabled people’s organisation called Disire which campaigns for the rights of disabled people, no matter how long they have lived in the UK and which passport they hold.