About us

We're passionate about removing barriers

Ortegalink Ltd is a boutique accessibility and inclusion consultancy firm with more than ten years of experience in the UK and in other European countries. We help the aviation, rail and transport industry to improve services for disabled customers.

We can help you to meet legal obligations when it comes to obligations like EC 1107/2006 and CAP1228 in aviation.

We also support train operating companies in developing their Accessible Travel Policy and understanding the compliance with the National Technical Specification Notice - PRM (and the PRM-TSI in the EU).

We love to help make businesses more accessible for their disabled customers while at the same time meeting the legal obligations of the Equality Act 2010.

Our consultancy services help our clients to understand what accessibility in their industry means in practice. We don’t believe in box-ticking exercises but practical solutions which really work, for the organisation and for disabled customers.

Ortegalink Ltd delivers these services to enterprises of all sizes from small businesses to stock exchange-listed companies, including leading airlines, airports and transport providers.

We strongly believe in the social model of disability.

All services can be delivered in English and German. Our clients are based in the UK and in other European countries.